Weekly Workshop Reports

It is essential that this is completed after each workshop so that we have a view of progress towards outcomes, and we can follow up on any requests. Please click on the link below to complete the report.


Other Reports

Questions and Suggestions

Please let us know of any questions, concerns or ideas you may have for the Core Team to action now or address in our planning.


Welfare Concern Form 

Report concerns relating to child protection or safety, including things that don’t require immediate action but might form part of a bigger picture. 


Welfare Disclosure Form  

Report disclosures of abuse, neglect, or harm, as disclosed by participant, or by someone on their behalf. 


Wellbeing Report 

Report on more general observations or updates relating to participant wellbeing so that we can proactively offer support with physical, emotional, and social needs. 


Incident Report 

Report any incidents that have caused, or could have caused, damage, injury or ill health, so that we can put safety measures in place. 


First Aid Report 

Report any incidents that resulted in First Aid being given, report should be completed by the First Aider if possible. 

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