Time Oot

Toonspeak’s Summer Show 2019

“A blast from the past, with a timeless message”

Building on the success of previous productions including Ma Bit and TELT, Time Oot is the 24th major production from Toonspeak and features laugh out loud comedy and sensational tunes. The youth-led, collaborative piece was co-created by the members of Toonspeak who have worked with professional artists to create their own performance. Over 50 young people helped devise, write, act, sing, dance and worked as production artists for this original musical, alongside Writer David Cosgrove, Director & Musical Director John Kielty, Co-Director Steven Leach, workshop artists Jasmine Main and Janine Fearne, choreographer Emma Jayne Park, assistant choreographer Katie Miller and many more exemplary artists.

Set in 1985, at a Live Aid school dance fundraiser, Time Oot transports audiences back to a world of shoulder pads and banging synth beats as they meet various groups of teenagers and see how tensions rise between the Punks, New Romantics, Populars, the Geeks and the Lone Wolf. Toonspeak’s largest-scale show yet was performed at Platform Theatre, Glasgow in July 2019 and touches on themes of acceptance and being different and true to yourself which are as relevant now to generations engaging daily with social media, as they were to kids of the 80s.