Toonspeak’s Summer Show 2018

Toonspeak presents the future of young people whose votes were never counted, because those votes didn’t exist. Is it real or imagined?

While generations before them complain of voter fatigue, these young people are handed down the outcomes of elections and referendums they had no say in. They’ve been TELT to suck it up… oh, and, fix the planet while they’re at it.

So they’re taking you into that future as they see it. They are the future. It’s time to get TELT!

Fifty young performers, designers, technicians and writers bring you a visually exciting, physically dynamic and aurally thrilling journey from the real lives of teenagers in Glasgow to the imagined lives of them as the leaders or the downtrodden of a future that has been mapped for them through recent political events.

Are you sitting comfortably? Not for long…

Telt was performed at the Tron theatre, Glasgow on 3rd & 4th August 2018