Autumn 2009

A collaboration with Lifelink Crisis and Choose Life, Survivor’s Guide to Suicide played to packed audiences at the RSAMD’s Chandler Studio in September 2009. Performed during Suicide Prevention Awareness Week, this imaginative and original piece of issue-based theatre devised entirely by the young people taking part, Survivor’s Guide aimed to raise awareness and break down some of the myths and misconceptions that surround the issue of suicide.

As a piece of Theatre in Education, Survivor’s Guide received overwhelmingly positive feedback from audience members and schools groups who attended.

“Excellent & understated – it got the message across, with not too much comedy or depression – a fine balance!”


“Very poignant – should be shown to a wider audience.”


“Very informative. A lot easier to understand than reading about the issue in a magazine.”


“Not just flinging facts at people but still gets the message across.”