In the Spring of 2014 Toonspeak tailored the Shine course for the “Making a Difference” group of young parents. This was a perfect match since both projects aimed to build confidence in the young women.

The group of 10 young mothers spent six weeks engaging in fun exercises, discovering about themselves and their life goals.

All the activities they participated in were incorporated into a sharing event at the end of their course. They worked hard and we noticed everyone’s confidence growing as each week passed.

Some of the activities included inviting the women to fill in a “body outline” with words describing themselves on the inside and words others used to described them on the outside.

During the sessions, the group also discussed the varying roles of “Mother” from cook/cleaner to events co-ordinator to dental hygienist. The list was endless! It certainly made for very interesting discussions.

An unusual activity involved the “Dear Haters” letter. Its aim was to give the young mothers a framework to vocalise how they feel about being judged by society and the Government. This exercise evolved into a beautiful poem that was shared at the end of the course.

Their honesty and openness was wonderful and you could see they were all beautiful people! In the end, their sharing event was a creative expression of who they are, their thoughts and feelings and desires for the future.