Summer 2012

This one of a kind gourmet theatrical event developed by the young people of North Glasgow allowed guests to experience a taste of North Glasgow urban legends. The very special, very strange dinner party menu featured: Vantrilocrisps with Fine Mine Wine, Seasonal Salad with Stadium Dressing, Olympic Flambe with Exotic Seed Centre, Puppet Pie with I-scream and Coughee & Mirrormints.

The production was performed six times to full tables and rounds of applause.



I was thrown into a dress; it was embarrassing but I overcame my fears and did it!

- Toonspeak participant

Finding abilities I never knew I had.

- Toonspeak participant

The audience was really supportive of what we did. They all said it was really, really good. Some were even freaked out which is what we were aiming for. There were a few people who were really impressed because we’re so young and it was such an amazing story.

- Toonspeak participant