Come get LOST & FOUND

What have you lost? What have you found?

Join us, Oh Incredibles, for an intense and intriguing production:

A performance which will knock your socks off, harness your creativity, have you dancing, bring out your best voice and just be a bundle of fun!


Brand new Toonspeak production ‘Lost and Found’ set to hit the stage at the end of March.

For our show this year we have been working on an idea, and a title subject to the collective talent of our Young Creative Consultants, a group of brilliant and committed young people who have been steering the whole artistic process. Since last September we have been meeting every week to explore our characters, develop the writing and devise our play.

We also filmed scenes for the show with Urbancroft Films to create a video piece, which will be installed during the performance.

A stimuli we started with is the story of a character who has lost their imagination, possibly last seen online. Their journey to find it again brings us to several characters and possible planets. And as a spin off from this, we’ve been exploring things we have lost, what these things meant to us… And what we have found.

And we’ve been wondering how we might personify these as things, as people.

The journey continues…the quest has begun

You might want to look under the blog section for posts about this exciting quest-in-the-making, our first question being ‘Can we lose something we didn’t first gain?’ and also our tardis which has sparked an idea about a box that is bigger on the inside than the outside…