August 2013

In 2033 the oil ran out. At first it was only a few people leaving, emigrating to a better life elsewhere. And then the troubles began. The crime. The riots. Things started to run out. A week after the power was switched off, the government announced that they were evacuating. The last buses were the following Friday.

Some people missed the bus.

Six girls found each other and started to build a camp. Others arrived over time. Those six girls changed.

The Challenge is the first in a trilogy of LOCKDOWN productions set in a dystopian world envisioned by the young people of Toonspeak. Over 30 young people from across Glasgow came together in the summer of 2013 to create a world where only young people were left and girls were in charge. The hard work of the cast and crew paid off as almost 300 members of the community attended the five productions and took part in The Challenge.



The show was very well planned and the storyline was very creative and original. I thought that the young people who acted in it did a phenomenal job.

– audience member

I thought the show was fantastic and would definitely recommend it. I would love to go see part 2 & 3 when they decide to perform them.

– audience member

As soon as you were in the hall you were part of the play, which was a very effective way to start the play and was very interesting.

– audience member