It’s really easy to get an Arts Award at Toonspeak…

… tell us you want one, and take part in some of the things we do.

That really is it – you can do a Discover, Explore or Bronze Arts Award by taking part in Toonspeak projects without doing much else except turning up, taking part and saying something about what you did.

That’s because we’re tracking your progress and learning, whatever you do with us. And if you do stuff at school, college or with other organisations like us, you can track that too and add it to your portfolio. A portfolio is just a fancy word for ‘keeping all your creative work in one place’.

So that’s good, isn’t it? Arts Awards are UK-recognised qualifications that could see you standing out next to others with the same school qualifications. You might be up for a job or university place and look – you’ve done this extra thing on your own time. You’re the better candidate. Get to Gold Arts Award level and you’ve also got another 30 UCAS points. But don’t think Silver and Gold are easy – they’re not. You work hard for them but if you love your art form, they work for you. We can help you get a lot of a Silver or a Gold but you must be willing to put in the effort yourself.

Tell us if you’d like to try and achieve an Arts Award of any level. If you’re already taking part in one of our projects, you’re already on the way there – well done!

To get in touch you can call 0141 552 0234/ email/ Facebook message Paula Toonspeak

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