Privacy Policy

This policy tells you what Toonspeak does with data and lets you know your choices and rights if you decide to share data with us.

Toonspeak promise to respect the data belonging to members of our community – to keep it safe, and to be honest and transparent about why and how we store it and what we do with it. Any questions, email and we’ll get back to you

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Membership data

When people sign up to take part in Toonspeak projects we ask for contact details so we can stay in touch. When a participant or their guardian completes an enrolment form, either on paper or at the information provided will be stored securely on our participant database, which is provided by UpShot. We take registers to keep track of who takes part in our projects, and this data is also saved on UpShot. We sometimes use UpShot to take surveys and store photos too. The data on UpShot is accessible by members of the Toonspeak team including our freelance artists.

Because Toonspeak and our funders want to check that our work benefits a large range of people, we ask for some demographic information such as ethnicity. We only ever use this information anonymously for statistical purposes. Information about disabilities is used similarly, and of course it is useful to know if we can help to make any reasonable adjustments to make taking part in Toonspeak as enjoyable as possible


Mailing Lists

Sometimes it’s handy to contact lots of people at once. Toonspeak use Mailchimp and Google Groups in order to send bulk messages to our participants and supporters. Everything Toonspeak delivers is free of charge for participants so we normally don’t use these groups for marketing. Occasionally we sell tickets for our big shows, and so if we let you know about those it does count as marketing. To be on the safe side we ask you to “double opt in” to our mailing list by signing up and then clicking a link that we email you to confirm your subscription. You can stop receiving Mailchimp emails by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive. If you receive email via Google Groups it’ll be because you signed up to take part in one of our projects. You can be removed from a group by emailing or phoning 0141 552 0234



Most websites use Cookies. These are very small files which are saved on your computer / tablet / phone when you visit the site and can be used for lots of different purposes. Toonspeak make very minimal use of Cookies. The ones we use are essential for making the site work, and they don’t track or send us any information which could be used to identify you. If you’re curious, there’s lots more information about Cookies at


Google Analytics

Toonspeak’s website uses Google Analytics. This sits in the background and helps us see how many visitors we get and which pages are most popular.  The information saved does not identify anyone and is simply used to help us see if people are tuning in and checking out our lovely website.


Photographs / Video / Audio

Toonspeak regularly take photos / videos (and sometimes wee audio recordings) of our projects, and participants sometimes send us their own pics / vids / clips. When participants sign up we ask whether they are comfortable for media featuring them to appear on our website, be used in reports, be shared on social media, and be shared with our funders & partners. You can let us know your preference for each, and change your mind at any time. Media files are stored on Toonspeak’s Google Cloud based computer systems, on hard drives of computers which are password protected, and sometimes on our UpShot database.


Your Rights and Choices

Your data is yours! You have the right to view, amend or ask us to delete some or all of the personal information that Toonspeak holds about you. You can also let us know that you’ve changed your mind about how we may use your data (for example letting us know if you’d prefer not to have your picture on our website). If you want to make a request or ask any questions about data please email