Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated Wednesday 21st October 2020

As Toonpseak’s Recovery Programme gets going we realise you might have some questions. Click a question below to see the answer.

Got another question? Contact Us and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Will it be the same workshop leaders?

As we are planning a new revised programme of activities, you might meet some new members to Team Toonspeak. Not all the same classes will be running again.

Will the groups be on the same days and times as before?

Not necessarily – we’ve had to think about how many people we can have in a workshop now so you might notice a difference to the programme.

Do I need to complete a consent form, even if I was at Toonspeak before lockdown ?

Yes, you will. We have a new form that all of our participants need to fill in. You can check with us if you’re not sure if you’ve done this yet. But without a form, you won’t be able to take part in any activities.

Can we bring friends or other family members to groups?

There will be an online registration for all groups, whether digital or physical. 

Only participants on the register will be given access to Zoom Meetings or entry to BCDC. You will not be able to attend a session (either online or in person) without having received confirmation from Toonspeak that we are expecting you. 

There will be lots of information to share with you before you attend a session – so it’s very important that we know in advance who is coming.

Will Toonspeak still get taxis for us if we are coming back to our venues ?

Yes, when we restart our building based groups we will be providing transport for people who need it as we did before. Please note that as we are following very strict guidelines, any changes to travel restrictions may affect this status.

Can I come in and say hello to the Toonspeak Team?

When we come back to our office we will be socially distancing so the full team will not be in the office at any one time and we will continue to work from home for part of the week. The office will not be accessible to anyone so unfortunately you will not be able to visit us upstairs.

I have lots of questions about coming back to face to face classes

Anyone who has signed up for a class at BCDC will have been sent information explaining how things are going to work. You will also have received a link to a short film showing you inside BCDC. Lastly, a google form which confirms your agreement to restrictions which are in place as we follow all current guidelines. If you haven’t received this information yet and you are due to start a workshop, please let us know.

I’m taking part in physical activities at home. How do I look after myself ?

Before taking part in any of our activities which include movement / choreography / physical theatre, please make sure you are familiar with our guidance. Toonspeak and our staff cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur. 

If you are fit and healthy and ready to start, please ensure that you;

  • Have a clear space free from any trip hazards to move in;
  • Are wearing comfortable clothing you can move in;
  • Have water to drink;
  • Take a water break or a rest when you need it; 
  • Adapt the material for your own body and ability;
  • Are aware of any injuries you have. Work with any advice you have been told by a medical professional; 
  • Make sure any family members are out of the way and safe; 
  • Make sure any pets are out of the way and safe.

We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Go at your own pace. 

Let us know if you have any questions before you start.