Fair Work Statement

Toonspeak Fair Work Statement

Toonspeak is committed to the Scottish Governments Fair Work First policy. We are striving to be an organisation which sees employees engaged in what we do, supported through training and development opportunities, and we promote positive approaches to make Toonspeak a flexible and dynamic place to work.

The areas in which we are committed to demonstrating a Fair Work Approach are:

  • Living Wage We pay all our core and freelance team at least £12 per hour.
  • Freelance Fee Structure We strive to pay our artist team at a level which is in line with industry and reflects the work that they deliver.
  • Effective Voice We have measures in place to ensure that all staff feel empowered within their role, with regular staff meetings, 1:1’s, surveys, and invitations for input into their workplace. Staff are supported in their decision to be trade union members.
  • Youth Voice As a Youth-Led organisation, we are committed to ensuring that everything we do has input from young people, creating an environment where young people can progress and enter employment.
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