G a l l e r y 

D I G I T A L  D I A R Y 



Digital Access to Creativity is an opportunity that ensures our young people can get online as well as having access to the resources they need to pursue their own creative projects. Toonspeak are working with artists across all artistic disciplines including theatre; choreography; photography; film making; music composition and tuition. 

challenge 1 – unders



 #DANCE For the past 6 weeks, we have been challenging our participants to #ToonIn #StayConnected

This week’s Toonie Throw Down was #DANCE 

Choreographed by Lisa Kennedy


Toonie’s explored various app’s which helped them stay creative with photography.


Session lead by photographer Skaiste Klaniute


Photographs by

Hussein & Hasan Adnan Mohammed

Gabrielle MacIsaac

Erin & Ethan Matizo

Michael Ahman

Leah Hodgkins




Stop – motion       Animation


Week Two’s Toonie Throw Down was  

#Stop-motion Animation

Lead by visual artist Becky Lennon

Sound Work - Incredibox


Using Incredibox to create musical beatbox sound works. 

Incredibox Sound 3

by Hasan & Hussein Adnan Mohammed


projects by post

Projects By Post has allowed us to issue arts and crafts packs to our participants. Our artists have created resources, games and activities designed to encourage making; designing; creating and playing at home.