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What is Culture Collective?


Twenty six organisations were awarded funding by Creative Scotland as part of a £6 million Scottish Government emergency COVID-19 fund. The Culture Collective national pilot programme, will establish a network of creative practitioners, organisations and communities, working together to create a positive difference locally and nationally in response to COVID-19.


About the Project

Culture Collective

Based in Ward 17 in the North of Glasgow, the Culture Collective

workshops will be free for all participants and will be a mixed art form

programme involving children, young people, adults and older people.

The artistic and creative work produced will form a celebratory

multi-faceted performance in Summer 2022, for all of the

community to enjoy.


With a steering group of 5 partners (all with an extensive track

record of key links, expertise and delivery within the community),

each will recommend one of their participating groups to be

involved in the project.


About our Partners

The Culture Collective programme is supported by five partners who form the core steering group. 

Who’s delivering Culture Collective?


Culture Collective Coordinator – Emma Stewart-Jones

Lead Artist – Philipa Tomlin (theatre/visual arts)  MORE INFO

Associate Artist – Jaz Grady (multimedia) MORE INFO

Associate Artist – Hugh Holton (music) MORE INFO

Associate Artist – John Martin Fulton (visual arts) MORE INFO

Associate Artist – Ross Macfarlane (theatre/music) MORE INFO

Associate Artist – Hayley Earlam (dance) MORE INFO

Assistant Artist – Indra Wilson (performance/theatre) MORE INFO

Assistant Artist – Imogen Stilring (writer/poetry) MORE INFO

Assistant Artist –  Sean Casey (visual art) MORE INFO

Assistant Artist – Valeria Levi (theatre/dance) MORE INFO

Assistant Artist – Michael Burslem (music)MORE INFO



If you would like further information please contact the Culture Collective Coordinator on