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Toonspeak Young Company Announced

Toonspeak has dreamed of having a Young Company for over 10 years, and thanks to RFO funding from Creative Scotland we are finally able to make this dream a reality.

A Young Company is a smaller group of participants who meet regularly to explore new work and develop their own material. They will have the opportunity to take their work to festivals and more, bridging the gap between youth theatre and professional work and opening up creative license to make theatre that is relevant to them.

Directed by Toonspeak Associate Artist Steven Leach with Co-Director Jasmine Main, the first members have been selected through audition process. There was a high demand, we met so many amazing young people, some of whom we already new but we also met some newbies.

We are so super thrilled at the group chosen, they meet weekly at Toonspeak on Saturdays, showing a great level of commitment and they are getting wired right in!

Shelby Johnston
Rebekah Watters (on right)
Alexis Mulholland
Katelyn Mulholland
Aodhan Collins
Kaja Ciuchta
Robbie Innes
Robyn McLaughlin
Kyle Stephen

We are laying the foundations of the Young Company with the following group, and there will be more spaces opening up further in the year.

Watch this space for updates!

Want to get in touch?

You can email / Call (0141) 552 0234 / Text 07796 718132

Or alternatively connect with us on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram @Toonspeak

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Theatre Critics is BACK!

Watch professional theatre performances with a new perspective! Theatre Critics is an amazing way to develop skills in reviewing all types of theatre productions.

Every Friday the group will meet at Toonspeak to learn critiquing skills with professional reviewer Gareth Vile and you will go to see shows together that night.

We are all booked up to see ‘Glasgow Girls’ ‘War Horse’ and ‘Rambert’!

The workshops kick off January 18th and run every week up until March 22nd.

For young people age 14+

All tickets & transport covered

To sign up email paula@toonspeak or Facebook message ‘Paula Erin Morgan’

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Young Company Auditions Announced

Toonspeak Young Company.

A group of 10 experienced, passionate young performers will be selected through audition process to work together regularly and intensively to create & perform new work led by Associate Artist Steven Leach.

If you have lots of drama experience and want to take it to the next level,
are passionate about a career in the performing arts and are actively seeking work experience, are a positive, confident, motivated self-starter and love working with like minded people, then maybe this is for you. 


Toonspeak, Saturday January 26th, 10am – 5pm 


  • Toonspeak will arrange transport to the audition day
  • A register will be taken on arrival
  • Brief introduction from leaders
  • Everyone will take part in a workshop together
  • Everyone will be given their 15 minute slot for the afternoon
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Individual auditions will take place after lunch
  • Toonspeak will arrange travel home


  • Everyone will be given a 15 minute slot to perform an audition piece from a play
  • This audition piece will be chosen and rehearsed by you and will last between 2-3mins
  • During your 15 min slot we will also have a short interview to find out more about who you are and why you would like to be part of the young company
  • Everyone will be expected to have learned the audition piece and perform it without the script 

To sign up or ask any further questions email or Facebook message ‘Paula Erin Morgan’

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Toonspeak Participating in #givingtuesday

#GivingTuesday takes place on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is a day to give back and do good.
This year it falls on 27th November.
#GivingTuesday is powered by CAF (Charity Aid Foundation). Last year 1 in 10 people in the UK did something on the day and it was the UK’s number one Twitter trend which is amazing! The campaign holds the world record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours, and last year raised $64 million globally! This is the first year that Toonspeak will be participating and we would be so grateful if you chose to support us.
There are many ways you can give on #GivingTuesday whether that be your time volunteering, donating food or clothes to a charity that helps those in need, or by giving money towards a cause.
What we would ask for is a donation, if you can, towards something that is key to what we do…….

No not Will Smith, although how cool would it be to get in the Fresh Prince!!!!
Nope we are raising money for TAXIS.
There are so many key reasons why we provide taxis for our participants. Safety being at the top of the list
It enables us cover a bigger area geographically so that if people don’t have a centre in walking distance they can still get to Toonspeak. Taxis have proven to ensure regular attendance over the years. Everyone having access treats everyone the same. Removing any worry about money in order to get there. Supporting any young carers who can’t be out the house for too long, the list goes on……
But taxis are one of the hardest things to get funding for.
This #GivingTuesday you can help us by donating what you can to our taxi fund and enable young people to get to Toonspeak and access to all the amazing FREE projects we provide.
You can do so by making an online donation – we are very grateful for any donation large or small.
You can also donate by text. Just text TOON25 and then the amount you’d like to donate (any amount e.g. ‘TOON25 £5′) to 70070
You can also make a small monthly online donation to Toonspeak if you felt like you would like to contribute more
Toonspeak is a charity registered in Scotland, registration number SC022150.
We truly appreciate any help you can offer. 
Current General News

Toonspeak Young Company Open Day

OPEN DAY to learn more about Toonspeak Young Company kicking off January 2019!

A group of 10 experienced, passionate young performers will be selected through audition process to work together regularly and intensively to create & perform new work led by Associate Artist Steven Leach.

– If you have lots of drama experience and want to take it to the next level.

– If you are passionate about a career in the performing arts and are actively seeking work experience.

– If you are a positive, confident, motivated self-starter and love working with like minded people.

..Then maybe this is for you. 

We are hosting this Open Day at Toonspeak for you to learn more about what this is all about, at which you will also take part in workshops so that we can to meet you and see what you can do.

Official auditions will take place in January. If you can’t make the Open Day don’t worry this is not a requirement.

Here is Toonspeak Associate Artist Steven talking more about the Young Company and his own experience working in the sector

1pm – 4pm
BCDC, 54 Quarrywood Road G21 3ET

This is an open invitation to any individual –
even if you have never worked with Toonspeak before. 

To sign up/ find out more:-

Call (0141) 552 0234
Text 07796 718 132

Transport available on request.

General News

Autumn/ Winter Term Workshops 2018

Our glorious summer is over, but don’t fret Toonspeak is back on soon and we have an exciting term ahead of us, we can’t wait to see you all again to get started!

Each of our weekly workshops will get the opportunity to create their own Christmas Show to be performed at Crimbo Cabaret on December 8th, which will have two showings this year due to high demand.

If you would like to join, check out which workshop is closest to you and which one is for your age group.

Monday Toonheid Speaks ages 8-12 (Townhead)

Tuesday Wee Ones ages 10-12/ Tuesday Big Yins age 12+ (Barmulloch)

Wednesday North West Theatre Makers age 12+ (Near Maryhill)

Thursday North East Theatre Makers 12+ (Royston)

Full details listed on our What’s On page.

To get an idea of what you’ll be doing, here are some pics from last years show!

Photo credit: Kevin Main

All of these workshops are free and are drop in, which means you can just show up, but if you’d like to talk to us about joining you can call us on 0141 552 0234/ email/ Facebook message Paula Toonspeak





General News

Press Shoot TELT!

TELT is the brand-new production from Toonspeak – a slick, stylish, large-scale contemporary theatre production that has been co-created and performed by 50 young people and a team of creative professionals in Association with Mark Murphy and Tron Theatre

To launch one of our biggest productions to date we headed to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum for a press shoot with some of the young people who are writing and devising this brand new show, working with the likes of Mark Murphy and Brian O’Sullivan.

First of all would like to say a massive thank you to Amani, Argyle, Lloyd, Kennedy & Kyle featured in the images. They did a fantastic job, barely breaking character from the minute they put on the suits until the end of the shoot. Brilliant level of professionalism, more than we could have asked for. Press photographer Elaine Livingston remarked, “It’s quite terrifying how much they are staying in character, they’re very good.” It was a very fun shoot and all involved are really happy with the images.

We’ll let them speak for themselves.


Massive thank you to the Kelvingrove for allowing us to use the venue, it was truly epic, lots of interest from people walking by and some lovely interactions. What a backdrop you provided.

TELT! will premiere at the Tron Theatre this August 3rd & 4th.





General News

Cast Revealed for New School Tour!

Following the success of last year’s school tour of sketch show SKINT we were approached by Fast Forward & Play to produce another brand new piece of theatre to take into schools centred around the theme of risk taking behaviour.This is a paid opportunity for young people, the second year in a row that we have been able to facilitate this which we are really proud to announce.

To start the process, the team from Fast Forward came along to facilitate workshops on a range of different issues, and through this a group of young people were chosen to create the show.

So, who is our cast? We are delighted to announce out of the 15 who auditioned

Aodhan Collins, Erin McDougall, Karly Cummins, Rebekah Watters, Reegan Graham & Shelby Johnston were all successful. It was a really tough decision, everyone did so, so well.

Directing the show is Toonspeak’s Associate Director Steven Leach and our Writer is Gabriel Quigley who some of you may remember from the Karen Dunbar Show!

The current working title is “Ruler Girl“. Watch this space for updates (and for a better group photo!)

Tour begins March 26th right here in Barmulloch!




General News

Fast Forward & Play

Toonspeak are thrilled to announce that we will be touring schools again this Spring with a brand new show devised and written by young people.

This follows the success of last year’s SKINT which toured schools over a week with a sketch show raising awareness about financial capability issues.

To create SKINT participants worked closely with GEMAP a local organisation who provide workshops training young people about financial inclusion and money advice services. This resulted in a brilliant sketch show that audiences could really relate to, funny and informative! They all worked so hard, over the week along with the production team (Jools and Director Steven Leach) they built the sets at each school and managed props, it really was a fantastic team effort.

This year we are working with Fast Forward & Play, an organisation who work to enable young people to make informed choices about their well-being and to live healthier lifestyles.They will run an intensive weekend of workshops at Toonspeak training participants on a wide range of risk taking behaviours: youth gambling, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, knife crime, etc. which will then result in them choosing what they would like to write and devise a piece around. Through this a few young people will be cast and go on to make the show.

Working with SKINT Director Steven Leach and Writer Gabriel Quigley over a series of weekends, they will write, devise, rehearse and tour the show over a full week at the end of March.

Toonspeak are proud to announce that these tours are paid opportunities for young people, a progression that we feel is important to enable young people to bridge the gap moving into work in the arts.

SKINT was a total triumph, we can’t wait to see what they make this year.

For more information on Toonspeak you can call/ text 07796 718 132, email, or catch us on Facebook/ Twitter @Toonspeak

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SHINE LGBT Beautiful Projections

Our recent Shine course working with LGBT young people, using drama as a tool to build confidence, express yourself and connect with one another has produced this beautiful piece of work, which was a real highlight at Toonspeak’s Christmas Show last December.

Over 10 weeks Aaron, Layla, Rachel, Ryan, Dora, Theo and John would work with theatre artist Daniel Livingston and life coach Scott Hay. Daniel designed the workshops to use shadow puppets as form of expression. The artistry was stunning and their performance was amazing.

Here’s what Scott had to say about the project:

“In terms of the group, my experience of all the SHINEs I’ve done is that the groups form some great friendships and bond really well, however, with the LGBT groups there seems to be an even stronger bond. I think they see it as an opportunity to share common experiences and challenges in their lives and the support they give each other brings them closer together. We simply facilitated those conversations. In terms of the shadow puppet show it was wonderful to be around their creativity. They took the lead in coming up with the story and drawing out the story board. They made the puppets themselves and grasped the technical side of performing incredibly quickly. All whilst sharing and supporting each other as they shared their own life challenges. They were a lovely group and I hope they go on to share their amazing personalities and creativity on future Toonspeak projects.”

The work will be shown at an exhibition in Stirling this October, which Daniel is curating. Great to hear that more people will be able to see it.

Have you been inspired by what you’ve seen?

If you or a young person you know would like to join one of our Shine groups call/ text 07796 718 132 or email to find out more.


Centre Stage General

Toonspeak Summer Show Announced


A brand new musical theatre show from Toonspeak.

What’s it all about?

Young and fired up, Caron suddenly finds herself with the challenge of her life and virtually no time to save the heart and soul of her community – its theatre.

A bittersweet legacy, a dastardly family, and a company of downtrodden workers… this theatre is facing the wrecking ball if the heirs get their way. Powerless against them, Caron finds support from unlikely places, and one of the family gets to prove he’s not as rotten as the rest…

Witness the dynamism and passion of 40 Glasgow young people who have co-created this ambitious, modern musical theatre show for their first ever performance in the Tron Theatre. Directed by Libby McArthur and written by David Cosgrove, with John Kielty as Musical Director.

When can we see it?

It will be played on July 29th 2pm and 7pm.

Where can we see it?

At the Tron Theatre!!!!!

Where can I get a ticket?

From the Tron box office

General News

Manipulate Festival with Gareth K Vile

We are pleased to announce that Gareth K Vile is coming back to Toonspeak for another series of Theatre Critics where YOU will get the opportunity to go see shows as recommended by Gareth himself who will then host discussions with you in the Toonspeak Studio the week after. It is during these sessions where you will learn how to review what you have seen and build the skills needed to expand your critical eye!
For the first time we are going to Manipulate Festival at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh to see two fantastic shows.

a house in asia
If you would like to join please take a look at the following details:-
Friday February 3rd
Manipulate Festival
Taxis pick up from around 5pm
Train through to Edinburgh and home again around 10.30pm
Snacks provided
Thursday February 9th
Critic Session (you must attend both)
Toonspeak Studio
7pm – 9pm
Taxis on request


So what are you waiting for…. To sign up
You can call us (0141) 552 0234// email us// Facebook message ‘Paula Toonspeak’
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New Event Announced for Word of Mouth & Sonnet Youth

Toonspeak have once again teamed up our young writers group Word of Mouth with Sonnet Youth for a spoken word night in Stereo after a highly successful one at the end of last year.

Sonnet Youth is a monthly alternative spoken word night at Drygate led by Cat Hepburn and Kevin P. Gilday.

Word of Mouth is a group of talented young writers who spend weekly sessions at Toonspeak working with Cathy Forde and a few guest artists over 14 weeks.

This event is the second installment of these performances and we can’t wait to see how they have developed!

The event will once again take place downstairs in Stereo, an ideal space for this type of performance. They have a great team to work with us and we are ever grateful for their support in making this happen.

The night will feature 3 artists curated by Sonnet Youth to share the stage with our young people.

We had a fabulous audience for the last event, there was such a great energy, we are hoping you will all come and make this one just as great.

Monday February 13th

7pm – 10pm


For ages 14+

And there will be loads of chips to snack on at the break! Oh and there’s no need to book you can just turn up on the night!

Want to keep in touch?

Call (0141) 552 0234// email us// Facebook message ‘Paula Toonspeak’


General News

Spring Show Casting – Recruitment Success

Spring Show workshops started last week and we are absolutely blown away by the amount of talented young people who have signed up to make this truly fabulous show under the direction of Hannah McLean. A fusion ceilidh called ‘Your Turn’ featuring dance, drama, music and more!

The success of our recruitment drive was through our online platforms, also working with Toonspeak staff, young people and volunteers, and also going into schools. We managed to organise visits to five schools across the North East and North West of Glasgow, we reached over 300 pupils in school, 100 visitors at our event Crimbo Cabaret and more than 5,000 young people online!

We would like to thank all the Pupil Support, Pastoral Care and Drama Teachers who welcomed us in their classes and assemblies – namely to Mrs Sheena Johnston, Mrs Theresa Wilkin (Springburn Academy), Ms Marion Campbell (Glasgow Gaelic School), Mrs Lorraine Hutchison (Lochend Community High School), Miss Julie Harris (All Saints Secondary School) and Miss Mhairi Quinn (St Roch’s Secondary School).

Last, but not least, a big thanks goes to all the young people who helped us to spread a word about the Spring Show and who keep coming to Toonspeak’s workshops. It wouldn’t happen without you!



Blog General

Toonspeak’s Marketing Intern

Welcome a new member of the Toonspeak’s team – Marie!

After finishing her Master’s degree in International Strategic Marketing at the University of Glasgow, Marie decided to gain experience working in the Glaswegian art sector. Coming originally from Prague, she previously worked for the Czech Academy of Art and Prague International Advertising Festival.

Marie will be helping Toonspeak for three months. She will focus especially on online communication and on support of Toonspeak’s marketing strategy concerning drama workshops.

We are delighted to contribute to Marie’s professional development and we look forward to our cooperation in the following quarter of the year!


Blog General


Blog by Marie Hnatova

Last week, it was my first time to visit one of the SHINE workshops, Toonspeak workshops with a theatre coach and a life coach aimed to boost young people’s self confidence. This one was working with YCSA (Young Community Support Agency). With little expectations and no clear idea of what “Life Coaching” is, I have experienced a wonderful afternoon.

Being a person who is a bit shy and does not very much enjoy own self-exhibition, YCSA SHINE blurred my initial uncertainty and let me to fully enjoy the time with the group. Led by brilliant workshop leaders Hannah and Scott, we did a warm-up, played some games, acted a bit and wrote a letter to our future self. Doesn’t sound like any grand performing, right? But actually – it was, with the difference, that the story’s hero was every one of us.

However, what was the most impressive were the dynamics and the energy of the YCSA SHINE group. The young people’s enthusiasm to co-operate, positively interact and seize the opportunity and use all the time available was just amazing. Not only it was very enriching to be a part of the group for a while, but it was also very inspiring! For example, one of the young people wrote his letter to his future self in Spanish as a poem. Or – another young person decided to film closely the whole session on a camera, participating in her own way. And there was much more.

The point I was trying to make is how amazing it was to watch young people to combine creative arts with their own life situation. Thinking outside the box, composing own artistic pieces and learning from each other. That was something.


Blog General

Masterclass with Libby McArthur in Summerston

Blog by Marie Hnatova

The last workshop with Libby was just amazing! Even though there were many of us, the session was very inspiring and everyone learned a lot of new skills. Such new abilities will be more than useful for the upcoming Christmas Cabaret showcase!

Libby was talking about personal and social labels and how we should grab them and turn them into our advantages. We tried “labelling” by ourselves – by performing various stereotypical situations which other had to observe and guess. It was very interesting to see how well we all understood people’s facial expressions and behaviour and how we could match it easily with a meaning. Libby also showed us how to improvise and develop a story. We played a game “Fortunately, unfortunately” which was hilarious as we managed to create a fantastic story about an Astronaut with magical powers. With Buddha, babies and elephant included – we had a great laugh.


To conclude, it was a really successful night and we were all very excited about it.

Toonspeak would like to thank Libby for doing all these awe-inspiring workshops for our young people. We are very grateful and we cannot wait to invite her again!

General News

Cora Bissett, Patricia Panther & Scott Twynholm Masterclasses Confirmed

Toonspeak is running a series of Masterclasses throughout May and June to inspire you, offering the opportunity to meet some amazing artists and to learn from them whether it be practical workshops, or show and tell sessions.

We have already had a full day with Libby McArthur, through which she passed on her experiences working within theatre and running workshops with other young people like you. She even taught some games, and also teased out what aspirations the participants had letting everyone into her own personal journey.

We announced Gary Cameron‘s workshop last week. This talented young musician/ composer regularly works with National Theatre of Scotland and we know him well from his work during our last two major productions. During this session participants will learn about and put into practise the Songwriting, Musicianship (even if you don’t play an  instrument), Recording and Singing of a completely original Musical Theatre song!

Cora Bissett, award winning actor and theatre director who many of you will know from ‘Glasgow Girls‘ will be leading a half day workshop in the Toonspeak Studio. This session will be a mixture of learning more about her work and what it takes to make a show, you’ll also be working on songs and scenes together. Cora is an incredible artist, an opportunity not to be missed!

Producer, singer, songwriter and actor Patricia Panther has also been confirmed – she is in ‘Glasgow Girls’ and wrote some of the music. You’ll get the chance to see some of her work and also make tracks with this talented artist! Patricia is a patron of Toonspeak, and has been in to visit some of our groups before. Once you hear her voice you’ll be blown away.

Also on the bill we have Scott Twynholm, award winning musician and composer who has worked on some amazing shows and has compositions featured in films such as ‘Vanilla Sky’. He will be coming in to let you hear some of his work and chat to you about his career. If you have any questions about making it as a musician this is for you!

The workshops will take place as follows. If you’d like to come along you can phone 0141 552 0234 // email us // Facebook Paula Toonspeak

These are all free and taxis are available.

Patricia Panther

Tuesday June 7th Toonspeak Studio 4.30pm – 6pm

Gary Cameron

Monday June 13th Townhead Village Hall 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Scott Twynholm

Tuesday June 21st Toonspeak Studio 6pm – 7pm (Please note Toon Tuesday is still on 4:30 – 6:00pm)

Cora Bissett

Monday June 27th Toonspeak Studio 12pm – 4pm

General News

Toonspeak Are Recruiting New Board Members

Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre are currently recruiting new board members to join our wonderful team.

What would be expected of you if you joined our Board?

Board members may be asked to support specific aspects of Toonspeak’s work in areas relevant to their expertise, so we are especially interested in the support of those with a background in:

– Organisational leadership and change

– Community engagement

– Fundraising 

– Charity income-diversification

– Marketing and communications

Board meetings are currently held quarterly in the Toonspeak Studio, Royston on Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm.

[Please be aware that these roles are voluntary and non-remunerated]

If you would like to inquire about joining you can email OR pick up the phone (0141) 552 0234

Blog General

Talk of the Toon(speak) Blog!

Weekly Blog to update all of our fabulous followers and supporters with news updates about Toonspeak, featuring feel-good stories from our young people.

We’ve missed a couple of weeks, but that’s been because there has been SO MUCH happening.

Just take a look!

The theme for today is TALENT!

Toonspeak were thrilled to be on the line up for Glasgow CAN Winter Festival along with The Village Storytelling Centre, New Rhythms For Glasgow,

Ignite Theatre Juniors, Maryhill Integration Network and Children’s Classic Concerts. It all took place in Maryhill Burgh Halls.

There was music, dance, samba drumming, lots of percussion, exhibition, storytelling and our Young Writers performed ‘Word of Mouth’.

Nine young performers from Toonspeak shared pieces of original writing that they have developed over the last 10 weeks with author Cathy Forde and various other professional writers. The end piece was directed by Spoken Word Artist/ Script Writer Cat Hepburn. They featured spoken word, small plays and poetry. Some really powerful content, really moving and at other times totally hilarious. Here is a snapshot of them on the night!


The group have another performance as part of The Only Way Is Ethics Festival Tuesday December 1st in Stereo from 7pm – 10pm!

[Images by Kevin Main]


In awesome news, two different groups have completed SHINE courses with Toonspeak in our wee Studio working with theatre artists and Life Coach Susan Campbell. Our LGBT group this week, and Young Carers last week. We have worked with about 25 brand new young people between the two projects, and they have been on an incredible journey. The difference in some of the participants and what they have achieved is commendable. We have absolutely loved seeing them every week.

At the end of SHINE we always have a Sharing where everyone gets presented with a certificate, truly deserved for all their hard work and dedication.

For their Sharing, the Young Carers demonstrated all of the exercises they have learned with theatre maker Steven Leach, getting the service workers involved and having a real giggle.

IMG_3612 IMG_3615


The LGBT group led by LGBTI Activist and Theatre Artist Drew Taylor-Wilson presented an autobiographical piece about their experiences as LGBTI young people for their Sharing.



If you’d like to learn more about SHINE take a look here:-


We are also amidst Young Drama Leader Training. This kicked off last weekend with 10 young people, some brand new, and some who have come through other projects. They have been working with Theatre Makers Steven Leach (also from SHINE) and Sarah Bradley Chaloner in our humble wee studio. This short, intensive training course includes how to plan and structure fun, exciting theatre-making sessions. The group will build the employability skills of leadership, communication and presentation by the end of the training this weekend. They’ll also learn how best to run a workshop and how to deal with challenges. It’s an amazing opportunity, and they’re having loads of fun doing it! Take a look.

IMG_3625IMG_3624IMG_3626IMG_3654 IMG_3658 IMG_3669 IMG_3674


To learn more about Young Drama Leader Training look here:-


That’s all for today folks!

If you have anything you would like us to shout about leave a wee comment in the box below or get in touch.

We hope you enjoyed our blog, back next week!