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Time Oot Video Ready to Premiere!

Time Oot – Toonspeak’s summer show – was a fantastic success, and we’re so proud of the more than 60 participants who made it happen. The show was filmed and we’re putting on a fancy screening for the cast and crew on Saturday 7th September. At the same time we will be premiering the film on Youtube, so you can watch and comment live. Afterwards the show will remain on Youtube so you can watch it again and again, and share it with anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to see it in person.

The show will go live on Youtube on Saturday 7th September at 11am at:

The whole cast of Time Oot
The whole cast of Time Oot
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Paid Opportunity for Young People

5 x Youth Facilitators Needed for Toon In Speak Out (TISO)!

We are looking for 5 Youth Facilitators who will work over September-November to plan and deliver TISO, our annual Youth Consultation event.  The TISO event is a vital part of our Toonspeak planning, it is our opportunity to gain feedback about the work Toonspeak does and gather ideas for the future.  For the first time ever we are offering paid positions to Toonspeak Young people to plan, deliver and evaluate this full day event for 80 Toonspeak participants.

This opportunity is open to current or previous Toonspeak Participants up to the age of 25 years.

The post holders will work together as a team with support from Toonspeak staff to plan and deliver the full day consultation event.

Payment: £9 per hour

Hours/Terms: 32 hrs between September and November including planning, delivery and evaluation of TISO. Hours will include evening and weekend work.

Location: Toonspeak Offices, Barmulloch, Glasgow

We are able to make this opportunity possible through grateful support from The Listening Fund Scotland.

Deadline for applications – Sunday 1st of September

TISO Event: Sunday 27th October

To apply please fill out an Online Application Form here:


Toonspeak are Recruiting an Administrator / Participant Liaison

Toonspeak is Recruiting!

Administrator / Participant Liaison

We are currently seeking a talented, reliable person to fill the post of Administrator / Participant Liaison.

The post holder will be responsible for providing efficient administrative support across the Toonspeak programme, with a particular focus on supporting the logistical needs of our projects and the travel of our participants. 

For more info please download the documents below:


Toonspeak is looking for a Chief Executive

Important News 

Toonspeak is looking for a Chief Executive 

For full details download the Advert and Job Spec below. Closing date: 4th February, 5pm

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Baltic St – THE Adventure Playground –

We were so lucky to work with Baltic St Adventure Playground this year through the Glasgow Youth Arts Hub. 3 young YAH committee members came with to install sound and respond to who we found where (out there) and what we were asked to do. Turned out we were given a dance class! We were taken through a sequence on site!  After we were led on a DANCE intensive – we imagined fortresses and foes, and close to my heart, the most amazing thing happened- two young adventurers decided to gift each other a marriage proposal, at age 7:

New Eds (1 of 1)-52

New Eds (1 of 1)-50


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Word of Mouth Opens Up the Story of Self

We really are hearing some special stories in-studio on these Word of Mouth intensive days! Yesterday we had Viv Gee share her own poetry and stand-up, and ways of picking up material from our own experience, and feeding it into a FUNNY.


Today we have Stewart Ennis stitching together fascinating fragments from our cherished memories and objects that we want with us. We are rounding up the day with an in-studio confessional- tales told through performing in the tiny spaces. We’ve had a laugh with the difference between using a mike and presenting what we remember – compared to just standing there and telling it like it is. Golden stories spreading out all over the place. Stay tuned.

All in all we’ve got a group of 21 – and we’re all working towards a performance at the Glasgow GCAN Winter Festival, end of November. But truly, we’re just making it up. MAKING STUFF UP. And working on what we imagine!

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Jump In! New summer production is about to start.

A busy summer here at Toonspeak, and there’s a brand new production about to kick off.

We are making a new play – a new performance piece and we want YOU!


Come join our cast of 30 – there’ll be space and time for each and every one of you to have your moment.

We are rehearsing:

  •                 Mon 20th- Friday 24th July
  •                 Mon 27th- Friday 30th July

Production week will be:

  •                Mon 3rd August – Wed 5th August

And the performances (4 nights!) are:

  •               Thursday 6th August
  •               Friday 7th August
  •               Sat 8th August
  •               Sun 9th August


It doesn’t matter if you’ve not done this before, or if you’ve done loads of these productions…come and see what it is all about. We are making this new work with a team of core young creatives who are not performing in it, but who are about to get busy molding, designing, writing, devising and directing the idea, supported by a strong team of professional artists.

Warning: in accepting this challenge, you agree to open your mind and think OUTSIDE THE BOX!

I wonder what we’ll put together…this time.

I cannot wait to see what we make!




















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Word of Mouth – Young Writers Group goes to Glasgow Green

The Young Writers have spent time with author Cathy Forde to hone their writing skills and prepare their work for performance.

The unique combination of writer/performer is one we saw at the Craic Open Christmas Event – where this group performed their own writing- and that video is going online soon!!!….thanks to the capture and edit of this end of year celebration with Urbancroft Films.

These are a unique bunch of emerging artists whose writing deserves to reach more people, and to that end Toonspeak are working with the Youth Arts Hub and their exciting festival programme to perform their work on Sunday 19th April, at Glasgow Green.

The event is called Word of Mouth– what would you say if you had a moment – what would you write if you knew you’d be heard?

The group is exploring performance poetry, playwrighting and prose…

This is not a closed group- anyone who might want to voice their own thoughts welcome!

While Toonspeak’s production, Lost & Found is in production week, we are planning 3 sessions working the wonderful Cathy Forde:

March 24th – 7-9pm

March 31st – 7-9pm

April 14th – 6-8pm

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Lost & Found – Reflections & Rehearsals

The Last Scene Online quest is about to kick through any sigh-shy boundaries with a new piece of work – a live performance piece with a cast of 30! Dare to dance, to try things out, to flex the imagination muscle and make these sturdy characters crack open an audience. We will see some of ourselves reflected and we will see our film placed in the Whiskey Bond!

Lost & Found. A box that may have what you once lost in it….a wallet, a Blackberry, a broken bit of Trust, someone you once held dear, a pair of foggy goggles…?

01 0004

We will be joining a group of 30 young incredibles on 7th Feb to start 4 days of co-creation, inspired by the film we made at Loch Voil beside the mirrored box. Let the rhythm begin…let the words ring out…let the characters crack open their own secret – and see themselves reflected.

What is the Last Scene Online?


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A new black box!

Toonspeak Studio has undergone a dye dip!

Thanks to last night’s drop in, the wonderful 12 who turned up for Toonspeak Tuesday’s to find themselves playing with characters from photos, made up monologues and book titles-  and help clear the room…and thanks to Eddie next door (Millburn Centre’s Main Man), we have a black box theatre space emerging!

Soon there will be a little platform to perform on, and standing lights to help us create a kind of intimate rehearsal haunt, lighting up the world within the world we’re in.

Curtains soon to be strung

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Has anyone seen my Imagination? It was Last Scene Online

Went looking for the public artwork, mirrored lookout created by Angus Ritchie & Daniel Taylor that sits at the base of Loch Voil.

In our story, for Centre Stage II, LAST SCENE ONLINE, we have arrived at a set of characters who are searching for something once lost, once gained- and we’ve a box that opens its doors to be bigger on the inside than the outside.

Martyn from Urbancroft and I went hunting for a ‘mirrored box’ that, it turns out, no one knows is there. So it seemed fitting that I kept having to say,”No, no!” It exists! I’ve seen it online. I’ve a picture of it, online. It turns out that perhaps this mysterious amazing artwork was in fact, last seen online.

I wonder what the Last Scene Online will be?

Looking at it, what on earth is it?

We’ve Sapphy, (Saphhire) who has her feelings tucked inside it, we’ve David who sees it as a memorial for his dead wife, we’ve Gillian who sees it as a safe place, Botis who is here to fix it finally, Hank who stores his memories inside it. If the box is our imagination, who or what do we see reflected in it?

IMG_7637 IMG_7645 IMG_7636 IMG_7640


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“Careful, it might break” – curious characters come into play

Last night we saw a bunch of talented actors bring their character into the room. In the still moments when these people-we-were-pretending-to-be pretended to be alone, entering an unknown space, we saw something very special. We had collected these characters from the favourite objects we’d brought in or the items we’d once lost, which we were attached to. We personified them, and we’ve given them now an age, a name, something they want more than anything in the world, and something they wouldn’t want you to know.

Enter the friendly ‘Hank‘ (“People call me Fossil”) from Conor’s lost wallet – whose secret was he carried blades but all he wanted was to be kept. Hank is prepared for anything, always.

The gorgeous ‘Sassy’ who walked very differently when she realized no one was looking.

The intriguing ‘Botis’, likely to burst into song at any moment, a figment of Marc’s imagination, a kind of Tardis, one who wants good health and is searching for a Doctor.

The very special ‘Jillian‘ who might possibly be our Dr, fixing her family up before they went to bed (“careful, it might break”)- not wanting you to know who she’s texting. She sings softly to herself. She has all the Merch.

We saw the harshly spoken ‘Randy‘ enter with a desire to keep safe something precious, “Don’t you touch this”, a violent past and an eyelash in his eye.

We saw the fascinating ‘Andrew’ who was in a waiting room about to do his interview to become a pilot, breathing back his anxiety, clutching a toy aeroplane. We could have watched him for hours.

And these characters answered three questions about the mysterious box:


where is it?

why am I near it?

what is it?


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New Young Writers Group announced! Cathy Forde joins us again….

The wonderful writer Cathy Forde, who worked with Toonspeak on the script for 87 Miles project last year, is back with a new group of young artists on a series of 8 explorations, thanks to the Scottish Book Trust and their Live Literature program!

Have a squiz at Cathy’s fantastic work as both a playwright and a novelist on her site, here.

And sign up, sign up for a fabulous exploration of new ideas and new writing that may just CRAIC OPEN XMAS! 


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A box bigger on the inside than the outside

A note on the Last Scene Online Quest.

A box bigger on the inside than the outside? This was the description for the Tardis, Marc wondered about this when seeing Dr Who on TV. We’ve been exploring favourite things that we’ve gained, and lost and perhaps gained again. One thing we explored was introducing a favourite object to the group and Marc, directed not to use words, showed us a toy Tardis, this spinning thing that lit up on the inside. With the lights off, and the doors swung open in a sacred offering, what did anyone see in there?

“Oh! It’s me!”

What do we imagine to be inside?

And Courtney brought forth her favourite mug, but careful, “I don’t drink out of it because it might break”

Connor’s presentation of a special membership card from his lost wallet became something that this character really needed us to understand- “Look! Look at this!!” and it reminded me of how we all want to be understood.

Kristen is talking of Trust. What kind of character is Trust? Framing the moments that it were broken. Shifting surroundings.

More to follow. We are about to put our imagined characters together to see what quest they might have in common.

What do we imagine is in the box?





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Can we lose anything we don’t first gain?

This post is about our first couple of sessions on Centre Stage II (to date, untitled). Yay to the Creative Consultants who took a risk on Random task- asks! I’m curious about our devices. I am curious about our different experiences of connection and disconnection through our proximity to devices, and each other. I’m curious about our relationship to ever-evolving technology which lets us communicate, miscommunicate and fail to communicate. I’m curious about our relationship to each other- friend, foe and family. Asking ourselves what images, experiences and stories involve a sense of connection, and what we feel breaks it. The sounds we associate with friendship, what our friendships mean to us, how our day can be broken up into moments of connection. Made me think of a character who has lost their imagination, and it was last seen online. Last Scene Online.

If we were to take the online world and put it in our lounge room, if all the platforms we use everyday were actually people, what kind of characters would they be? Bur first, we looked at losing stuff. Loss. Can we lose anything we don’t first gain? What is it you’ve lost? How did you gain it? What did it look like? Where was it lost? What did it mean to you? What was lost included My Imagination, an old wallet with a metal badge saying FOSSIL, My Mind Named Gregory, Trust, favourite socks, a birthday gift, a new white Bilberry 210, a teddy bear with VW on it, (smoke and old perfume, Gran), a Way Forward

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Skye says, “Hi !” – new Artistic Director at the helm

Greetings, Earthlings. Week One here for me, as new Artistic Director of ‘The Incredibles’….otherwise known as Team Toonspeak, and am very excited to have met the young creative consultants with whom we are making Centre Stage II –  more on that later.  Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to allow yourself the freedom to dream and the faith to find your dream in reality. May we always be curious. Skye says, hi.

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Our latest Annual Report is now online

We’ve just published our latest annual report, which tells the story of all things Toonspeak from April 2012 until March 2013.  Have a look to see if the projects you took part in made our highlights of the year or if you can see yourself in any of the photographs!