Our Mission

We create unique, exciting theatre that releases young people’s potential, expands imaginations and inspires change within our communities.

We aim to:

1. Create exciting theatre – by bringing together great artists, exploring ideas and investing in and inspiring our participants, artists and team.

2. Release young people’s potential – by engaging them in theatre making and creative learning activities, by giving them a say in these and by connecting them to wider opportunities.

3. Expand imaginations – by widening participants’ and audiences’ frame of reference, taking risks and exploring ideas through making, watching and talking about theatre.

4. Inspire change in our communities – by valuing young people’s opinions and through increasing communication skills, young people will be regarded more positively in society and become more active citizens.

5. Inspire change – by opening up pathways to the creative industries for participation, as an audience and for careers which will enrich the social capital of our communities.

6. Be a learning organisation – by reflecting on what we have done, what we’ve seen and things we’ve been involved in so we can continue to improve, innovate and learn.