‘The Knock at the End of the World’ – Spring Production Blog!

A ball was had by all at this year’s Spring Production ‘The Knock at the End of the World’.

Back in January our fifteen Toonies took on the challenge of creating a brand new, original show for the Boardwalk’s Studio Theatre Stage in April 2024. The group worked closely with director, Jordan Blackwood, and writer, Ross MacKay, to develop thoughts and ideas for a performance to take place during their spring school holidays. By February, ‘The Knock at the End of the World’ has been conceptualized.

participants are on stage in costume, grey outfits with coloured ribbons, one is standing higher and is in the middle of a speech to the others

Our team of Toonies worked with a professional creative team, consisting of Rhonda and Merlin from Cue Props on the design, and David Simpson in creating the sound. Having such a skilled professional creative team on the project was an opportunity to delve into theatrical avenues that we don’t often explore during regular term time workshops. Gabby said, “It was a good opportunity to do something professional, and work with the professionals.”

Alongside their work on the show, eleven Toonies worked with Glasgow Life to achieve their Community Arts Award. The award allowed them the opportunity to set personal goals and focus on something that was unique and relevant to each of them. For Jennifer, performing was her focus. Having come to Toonspeak from a writing background, of course working with Ross and Jordan would be a fabulous opportunity to hone her craft. But being able to write from the POV (point of view) of an actor was what Jen was after, and this became her Arts Award. It was initially a scary prospect (performing) especially when it’s something you’ve not really done before. “They were so supportive. Saying, ‘you’ve got the emotional range, you can do it'”. This, among other positive experiences, gave Jen the boost she needed as a performer and helped in achieving her Arts Award.

jennifer is wearing a grey outfit with yellow sleeves and a yellow bandana, she is holding her face with her eyes closed

I spoke to the Theatre Makers Juniors about their experience during Spring Production and the phrase “It was amazing” was frequent vocab. The first discussion point was (of course) the food. Having received per diems and given the autonomy to make their own decisions surrounding their show day fuel, the team were partial to a wee bubble tea. The four young people (in SP playing Bug, Fly, Hex and Cub) also did their Community Arts Award. Sam realised that they’re quite a quiet person, and their Arts Award was to boost confidence. To their surprise, the facilitators hadn’t realised they were as low in confidence as they felt, and what a confidence boost to realize you’ve achieved your Arts Award because of it!

Lyndsay worked very closely with the design professionals from Cue Props:
“They gave me lots of fantastic advice for starting out as a prop maker and working backstage for a theatre production. Showing me how to be creative in finding ways to reinvent recycled objects to create props, as a lot of what we used to make the props, set, and costumes for The Knock at the End of the World were things that had been collected to be reused. I’m glad I got to work with Cue Props on this, as they made me feel more confident about working on a show – this was my first time doing it.”
I asked Lyndsay if they were keen to do anything like it in the future, and they’re taking on a similar production role for the upcoming Performance Collective production! That means you simply MUST come along and see it in the summer (shameless plug).

Offering professional production skills was valuable for so many different reasons. Alfredo worked closely with David in creating sound and music, and was even able to write a song for his character. “I had the ideas, and David made it real.” Rhiannan joined in, and Ross provided the lyrics. “We made it all.” Alfredo expressed his love for music in our conversation, and the opportunity to be musically creative during Spring Production was going to be incredibly beneficial for this long-term career goals.

alfredo and rhiannan, two participants, are standing at microphones to record a song

Show week itself proved to be interesting. Unfortunately, three Toonies fell unwell only days before the show on April 4th. This meant that three other Toonies stepped up to the mark to ensure the show could go ahead as planned. A massive thank you and round of applause is due for Karly, Eve and Hannah who not only stepped in and smashed it, but learned their lines a day before they would take to the stage. In addition, STV paid us a visit on the day of the show, which was a level of press coverage we weren’t expecting, but a lovely surprise! Did you see us on the tele?

After all of that, Spring Production is done and dusted for another year.  If you didn’t manage to catch “The Knock at the End of the World” then don’t worry, our Toonies never stop being brilliant, and we will have loads of things for you to come along and see.


Over and out x


Written by Emma Lindsey, Young Connector


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