Cathy Forde is Back!

Author and Playwright Cathy Forde is returning to Toonspeak to lead Word of Mouth this April! And we are thrilled to announce that the project will now run as part of our core programme over the next 3 years!

Word of Mouth is centred on writing your own work, with the opportunity to build this into a performance each block whether that is a spoken word piece, reciting a poem you have written, or working with your peers on a short play.

Cathy creates a nurturing environment to write in, and even bakes for participants each week, which is so lovely and creates such a warm atmosphere. It is a safe, open space to explore your writing mentored by a professional, where you can express yourself while being supported.

The project is in partnership with Sonnet Youth (spoken word performance producers), who assist in the workshops and co-produce the event which culminates each block. This is usually hosted in city centre venue Stereo. And features performances from professional spoken word acts and musicians as well as the participant performers.

“From the first time I joined at the beginning of Word of Mouth a few years ago, I could say the project gave me the only way I could ever write how I felt, share it and express it. It’s a bit therapeutic, writing away deep thoughts and getting feelings out your system. A fab place to meet wonderful and amazing people. It is an honour working with Cathy Forde, to have professional help and guidance from her on how to write anything you wish and to become an inspirational journey. Meeting other inspirational writers/ performers like Kevin, Cat and others gives you the courage to write/ perform and have faith in yourself with your piece.” – Shona Stout, participant

“Within the last 5 weeks, I came up with a script based on bullying in my high school. I got to write all my emotions down and perform on stage. I shouted, let angry out and fear out of bullying. Love Word of Mouth. I went from writing a spoken word piece to a short script. Word of mouth is a mix of young people trying to create something. Something funny, lovely and emotions on stage through script, monologue, poem or words. I can’t wait to come back again and see what I create and express on stage next time.” – Debs Lilley, participant

Handing my final-ish draft script to my cast was a surreal experience. Having my work judged when it’s not quite ready made me feel vulnerable and exposed. I’d only known these guys for a few months at most, and it was the first time my work was up for discussion in this way. It was the first time I had shared a work-in-progress to a larger group.
I was relieved when they gave me good feedback. One girl was really drawn to playing Sarah, which I was so happy about.”
– Excerpt from Jen Hughes blog about her experience writing her first short play at Word of Mouth (READ MORE HERE

“It has been an extraordinary few weeks with a very hard-working and focused group who worked so well together. All of them take the process very seriously and it’s a joy to see the fruits of their creative labour so well received by an audience like last night’s. I am privileged again- as I say every time you have me in- to get to engage with these young people. Last night was a treat.” – Cathy Forde after the last block of Word of Mouth

Would you like to join this wonderful project?

Are you age 14+ with a passion for writing, or do you have something you want to say?

Even if you are just looking for a really positive group to be with once a week get in touch.

Sessions run on Monday nights from 6pm – 8pm at Toonspeak, Barmulloch.

The next block starts on April 15th and will run every week until June 24th. Everything we do is free, and we also have transport available.

To sign up/ find out more

Call 0141 552 0234/ Email Text 07796718132

Or connect with us on social media @Toonspeak

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