Summer Show 2019 starts in JANUARY!


Toonspeak are changing things up in 2019 and starting development for the summer show in January.

In our annual feedback day Toon In Speak Out (TISO) you said that you wanted more time to work on the show, that you wanted to do another musical and that you wanted to know what the show is about earlier. Thanks to Creative Scotland funding we are able to start everything earlier and do things as requested.

In fact there are two writing days in December that we are looking for YOU to sign up for. Looking for 12 participants to start writing YOUR script!

So! We are doing a MUSICAL, and bringing back John Kielty who was Musical Director on ‘Ma Bit’ (summer show 2017) who will now also be directing and is over the moon to be returning to work with you all. The amazing Steven Leach as Associate Director who will be working closely with John developing the show, devising with you all and developing your performance skills. We have another ‘Ma Bit’ favourite David Cosgrove as Writer, who is also delighted to be back.

They have already been reading over your ideas from TISO about what you’d like next years show to be about and they are really excited to meet you and start turning them into a script!



WRITING DAYS working with David, John and Steven you will create the synopsis for the show using Toon In Speak Out feedback as a starting point. In January this will be presented to young people across our theatre makers groups to start development with everyone. We need focus, drive, positive energy, excitement, enthusiasm, openness and team spirit.

Sunday December 1st • 10am – 4pm

Sunday December 9th • 10am – 4pm

(Hosted at Toonspeak, transport and lunches provided)

To sign up either Facebook message Paula Erin Morgan / email / call (0141) 552 0234 / text 07796 718 132

From January you will work in your groups with the lead creative team, on writing, songs, script, performance skills, dance and movement.

Even if you have never been in a show before, you can join. 

Next term starts January 14th and week one will be most important as the creative team will all be there to present their ideas and we need you to guide them.

All workshop details on the website coming soon!