Another Successful Show at the Tron

Toonspeak Summer Show 2018

Since the beginning of May this year, a phenomenal team of over 50 young people from Glasgow have been working with a range of Arts professionals devising, creating, writing and playing with the concept of


And it premiered at the Tron Theatre this August to standing ovations each performance.

Set in the past and the near future, TELT is a time travelling action adventure story for those sick of being telt to pipe down. After a generation’s voice is violently stolen, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a secret mission to retrieve what is rightfully theirs. But after hunting down then coming face to face with their attackers, will their words be mightier than the sword?

This was the first time the young people had worked with Mark Murphy, an outstanding artist with an impeccable track record built upon a body of work spanning 25 years across theatre, outdoor spectacle and international ceremonies, undoubtedly making it Toonspeak’s most ambitious show to date. And the young people pulled it off impeccably. The whole team were so impressed and so proud of what they achieved.

Here’s what the audience had to say

(Videography Gradisca Films)

Not only was it performed well, our young artist team were running the production backstage having been mentored by professionals in the field they were working in across all aspects from stage management to lighting, sound, costume and more.

A massive achievement for everyone involved, we look forward to seeing what next years show will be. We’ll let the young people decide and get you TELT!

Some more comments about the show from participants and families…....

An amazing project to be a part of from start to finish. A huge thank you to the entire team for this opportunity!”

Well done loved it, and the fact Nicole was involved you do a great job with the kids they are well looked after.

A very powerful piece of art each and every one of the company on stage and off it worked so hard. As a parent I not only love the finished project but I love seeing the relationships the young people form. I look forward to seeing what the next project is. Oh and not to forget a massive well done to the behind the scenes team who organise everything from taxis to funding without you there wouldn’t be a company.

“What a fantastic performance they all gave 👌I can’t wait to see what next year brings ❤️. All the hard work from you all behind the scenes who work amazingly hard to bring everything and everyone together the teamwork from you all stick out a mile and the hard work they’ve put in shows tremendous potential from each and every single kid who can put on a brilliant performance for an audience like myself who thoroughly enjoyed every single show they did and I am really excited to see what next year brings to the Tron Theatre. Well done to you all for giving your time and hard work to each and every kid you’s have worked with, Toonspeak is Teamwork well done 👌❤️

“What an amazing show. All put together brilliantly. From kids to all off you behind the scene and off course all the Toonspeak staff. Thanks Jamie had a ball xx