Today, is my last and final day of work experience at Toonspeak, sadly.

I would like to make a massive thank you to Paula for helping me with the technical side of Toonspeak.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Katie for helping me at workshops, going to the networking event with me and having great laughs.

I would also like to thank you Erin for showing me the great deal that goes behind ordering taxis, which is a very unique thing that Toonspeak does in comparison to other companies, for the young people to get to their workshops but it is an option as you can get a family member to drive you or a friend by car sharing as the taxis do cost a lot.

And finally I’d like to thank Alan as he was the first person I spoke to on Monday and he introduced me into the office, gave me tasks to complete.

Today at the networking event I was with Katie. The event was about different companies trying new ways to bring a community together, and improving the world in many ways such as economical by lending second hand clothes, also educational by creating comics for young people to enjoy learning more. The mug on the left was my attempt at making a cup of tea, but Katie corrected me, thank you so much!!


Thank you Toonspeak for having me, this has been a phenomenal experience!!!!!