Yesterday was an amazing first day at work experience with Toonspeak. Last night at Toonheid Speaks, the Monday drama group with children from 8-12 years. I was asked to lead a few games. I chose Olly Olly Octopus and SPLAT! we all had amazing fun!!!

For the second half of the session the Toonies read scripts of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The performance was amazing, how they moved around the area and used their voices to make the drama seem ‘alive’. I captured some photos and a video to show you how amazing they were!!

Today I am back in the office. I have been reading through all the postcards the young people have commented on about Toonspeak, the comments are all so positive.

Catch me tomorrow as I talk through the rest of the week, and talk more about my experience at Toonspeak.