This is the third day of my work experience, it has been fantastic so far!! Everyone is so nice and helpful!

Today I finished going through the postcards, the comments and ideas people have are amazing and hilarious.We find comments extremely important for Toonspeak as this promotes us and funds us, Here is a few bits of feedback were:

“Hope is like the sun, if you only believe it when you see it, you are never going to get through the night, you give me hope Toonspeak”

“Yes been doing more stuff, I have been doing so much now, like improving my English”

“Toonspeak is fun like 100% of the time everyday”

Tonight I shall be going to the Northwest group, they will be working on the summer show that is called ‘TELT!’. Tomorrow evening I shall be going to the Northeast group which will be doing the same, I will  be taking videos and photos of them, and finally on Friday I shall be finishing off my blogs, as my work experience ends: its been an amazing experience.