As the Germany Exchange Trip, Equal Love draws nearer, here is a blog from participant Dora who accompanied theatre artist Daniel Livingston on an advanced planning trip to Oldenberg to plan out the 10 day project where youths from 8 European countries will meet to create theatre around LGBTQI+ issues.

“We began our trip by being informed our flight was cancelled due to a huge power-cut at Hamburg Airport. But we didn’t let a little loss of electricity stand in our way.

After a very long journey to Manchester we were able to fly to Hamburg the next day, and arrive at the project base in Oldenburg in time for lunch!

We met with leaders from Spain and Poland to discuss details of the Equal Love project in July. We shared what creative theatre experience we had and talked about possible directions our group performance could go. Before catching our flight home we managed some whistle-stop tours of Oldenburg, Bremen and Hamburg.

It will be incredibly exciting to meet everyone and to work on such a diverse project in July!”

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