Toonspeak has very exciting news! 

We have been chosen by Creative Scotland to be a Regularly Funded Organisation. This is a network of core arts organisations in Scotland and marks a significant shift upwards in Toonspeak’s growth as we mark 30 years of the company and the Year Of Young People 2018. The impact for the young people we engage with will be huge and we’re utterly delighted about what we can now do for them.

Young people from across Glasgow will be enabled to devise, write, perform and deliver high quality productions working with industry professionals, raising their aspirations and making their voices heard. It brings security to this key aim of our work, which we are very grateful for. In addition to productions, the support will allow Toonspeak to grow in new progression areas of our long term plan, which will see us support many young artists into careers in the arts. 

Our recent production ‘Ma Bit’, performed in the Tron Theatre last summer was an overwhelmingly positive experience and ambitious achievement, and has stayed in the hearts of all the young people involved. We can’t wait to show you what we will do next!

Thanks so much to all our supporters, partners and friends – your messages mean so much to us.