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Fast Forward & Play

Toonspeak are thrilled to announce that we will be touring schools again this Spring with a brand new show devised and written by young people.

This follows the success of last year’s SKINT which toured schools over a week with a sketch show raising awareness about financial capability issues.

To create SKINT participants worked closely with GEMAP a local organisation who provide workshops training young people about financial inclusion and money advice services. This resulted in a brilliant sketch show that audiences could really relate to, funny and informative! They all worked so hard, over the week along with the production team (Jools and Director Steven Leach) they built the sets at each school and managed props, it really was a fantastic team effort.

This year we are working with Fast Forward & Play, an organisation who work to enable young people to make informed choices about their well-being and to live healthier lifestyles.They will run an intensive weekend of workshops at Toonspeak training participants on a wide range of risk taking behaviours: youth gambling, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, knife crime, etc. which will then result in them choosing what they would like to write and devise a piece around. Through this a few young people will be cast and go on to make the show.

Working with SKINT Director Steven Leach and Writer Gabriel Quigley over a series of weekends, they will write, devise, rehearse and tour the show over a full week at the end of March.

Toonspeak are proud to announce that these tours are paid opportunities for young people, a progression that we feel is important to enable young people to bridge the gap moving into work in the arts.

SKINT was a total triumph, we can’t wait to see what they make this year.

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