Toon In Speak Out is our annual youth consultation day where we invite current participants to talk about Toonspeak, their dreams and aspirations.

This year we were in our new home, Barmulloch Residents Centre with 60 young people varying from 8 up to 25 years old. Some Toonies who have been with us since they were 10 or 11 years old and some who are really new.

It felt great to be doing this in Barmulloch as this is where Toonspeak started 30 years ago, we really are going back to our roots but also striving forward in everything we do.

We have so many amazing characters, and some absolutely inspiring young people so we can’t wait to check out the feedback and start to write it into the coming years strategy. We are extremely proud to call ourselves YOUTH LED. Your voice really does matter and we love hearing it.

Toon In Speak Out is led by young people. Massive thank you to Jasmine Main, Erin Boyle, Connor Gibson, David McMahon, Courtney McLauchlan, Chloe Davidson and Rebekah Watters our who ran the sessions and gathered all the feedback. You all did a fantastic job as usual, we are lucky to have every one of you as part of this company.

For the wee ones we hosted a different style of consultation centred around play by our amazing freelancers Sarah Bradley and Janine Fearne. They had heaps of fun and some of the ideas that were coming out were so bonkers that they were genius. One of which was to do a story about Glasgow on a Tour Bus!

After the feedback sessions we screened the trailers for some of the shows we have done this year including successful school tour ‘SKINT’, Spring show singing and dancing extravaganza ‘YOUR TURN’ and also sell out musical theatre show ‘Ma Bit’. All the cast were singing and doing the dance moves to this, Dominika’s wee brother who wasn’t in the show even sang all the words because he’s seen it on Youtube so many times. It’s great for young people across the projects to see what everyone has achieved.

Following this we awarded over 40 young people with Arts Awards, ranging from Discover to Bronze, a big achievement for everyone involved and celebrated with dancing and of course pizza!

A stand out moment of the day was when wee Louise Stewart got up and read out an Oscar worthy speech about what Toonspeak means to her, unprompted by anyone else, she had taken time out on the day to write it herself and surprised us all. Louise has been with us for a few years now and it’s so lovely to hear how much coming here has helped her.

Here is a sneak peak of what went on, thanks to Kevin Main for the images, downloading your pictures always feels like opening a present. They are always so good and capture the events so well. Especially the portrait of Louise, excellent work!


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Go on, get involved.