Last night, September 13th 2017, we had the great pleasure of meeting Adam, both onstage and off.

This young man has fled persecution to finally ‘become’ the person he has always been. It deals with the issue of trans rights internationally by enabling Adam to tell audiences his story first hand, growing up as a boy trapped in a girls body in Egypt and incorporating voices from across the world telling their story through a global choir.

Conceived for the stage and directed by Cora Bissett who met Adam during a separate project 5 years ago at the Citizens Theatre. She was blown away by the strength of this young man then only 19 years old and asked Adam if he would be up for letting her tell his story through theatre. After seeing numerous actors for the role, Adam asked to audition himself and was perfect for the role. Playing opposite was Neshla Caplan who brings out lots of the emotion within the piece, but also humility and humour.They work so well together, it’s beautiful to see.

It is a really emotional piece. I can’t remember ever seeing a show where I could hear so many people physically moved to tears when the curtain drew. It was as uplifting as it was moving though, full of light and shade. It does make you feel uncomfortable at times because it warrants that feeling, to get to grips with what Adam has been through.

The young people we took were phenomenal, it brought out a lot of emotion in them and also led to some really in depth conversation about the show, but not only the story, the set and direction too. They were all incredibly humbled at the opportunity to speak with Adam especially, but also Cora and Neshla.

To make this happen, Toonspeak were approached by National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) with an amazing offer to see ‘Adam’ at the Citizens Theatre accompanied by a pre-show workshop, pizza before the show, performance and meet/ greet with the cast, all travel covered.

Absolutely incredible, making theatre super accessible and also giving the young people the chance to speak with industry professionals and learn more about what they have seen. Enabling their voices to be able to ask industry professionals about the work they have experienced is something Toonspeak hold as very valuable, so we are thankful to NTS for this opportunity, especially Beth Morton who facilitated the whole thing.