What does it take to put on a successful musical like ‘Ma Bit’?

For our first performance EVER in the Tron Theatre

We put together a “crack team” of Young Artists to work everything from the sound to calling the show to playing the score live on stage!

They had one on one mentoring with industry professionals in the run up to the show.

It was absolutely amazing to see how well they took to the roles, how professional they were and they did a phenomenal job on the night.

The ever awesome Jools Walls led the team and supported them across all roles, carefully putting the team together to ensure everyone would have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Erin Boyle was mentored by John Kielty as Deputy Musical Director, and played live on stage for the final performances which was an epic achievement. Especially since no scores were used, everything was learned by ear and observation. Very emotional seeing this on the night.

Chloe Davidson excelled in her role as Assistant Production Manager as Jools’ right hand wummin keeping everything going, and really came into her own over this period.

Shelby Johnston had the task of D.S.M with the responsibility of calling the show on the night, another epic achievement! Especially with the pressure of a sold out show at the Tron, and she did brilliantly.

Rebekah Watters and David Lee Yuill could mostly be seen with Merlin Currie and Fionn Corbett, our amazing costume team. Merlin could not speak any higher of these two, they were always on hand worked great with the young people. They also had great fun with Jimbo (James Browning) getting the props together and learning what it takes to physically put a show together.

Claire Farrell and Ross Hunter were working with Laura Hawkins in lighting and had training at MacRobert Arts Centre with Mark Ritchie. They actually got to rig a show in their training! Poor Claire managed to get over her fear of heights for this. Laura expressed that this has been one of her favourite experiences this year. Fantastic to have these two on board. Professional right of the bat and did us all proud on the night.

Andrew Melrose came in having studied sound, so he was in a great position for the show. Jools trained him up on new software and in no time at all he was showing her shortcuts! Great to be able to provide practical experience in a theatre for this young person who has been with Toonspeak since he was wee.

As you can tell everyone mentoring them was super impressed.

Big thanks also to our Director Libby McArthur, writer David Cosgrove, Assistant Director Steven Leach and choreographer Rachel Smith for their passion, determination and care in working with our young people to make this happen!

The impossible was achieved, in 3 short weeks we produced a funny, moving, heart warming musical written, performed and produced by young people from Glasgow!

Here are a few pics of our Young Artist Team in action!



Full list of Young Artist Team and Roles:

Andrew Melrose – Sound Operator

Chloe Davidson – Assistant Production Manager

Claire Farrell – LX Operator

David Lee Yuill – A.S.M

Erin Boyle – Deputy Musical Director

Rebekah Watters – A.S.M

Ross Hunter – LX Operator

Shelby Johnston – D.S.M


Everyone at Toonspeak would like to say a massive to all the young people involved, we are very proud!

Photo credit: Kevin Main