Amazing paid opportunity to work with Toonspeak and other young people’s organisations, including free training.

Thanks to support from Glasgow City Council Toonspeak are able to employ a young person as a Marketing and Youth Engagement Officer.

The role will focus on digital advertising, including a specialism in Google Adwords. The successful candidate will be 1 of 4 young people employed across the North East of Glasgow in this role. All 4 will work together on joint projects aimed at promoting the services of various youth organisations, and gathering feedback on what young people need and want to happen in the North East of Glasgow via youth consultation.

The candidate will be involved in the day to day promotion and operation of Toonspeak, and will be encouraged to complete an accredited training programme ran by Google. We are looking for someone who is a confident computer user, outgoing personality, and keen to learn.

The role is 30 hours per week, and a wage of £8.45 per hour will be paid. The role can start as soon as Monday 4th September and will run for 30 weeks (until end of March 2018).

‚ÄčThis opportunity is open to young people aged between 16 and 24.

To apply please email

  • Why you think you would be good for the role
  • Any relevant experience
  • If you are able to start from September 4th

Or to discuss the role call (0141) 552 0234