Toonspeak are thrilled to announce that we are hosting another course of SHINE workshops for LGBT young people with Theatre Artists Daniel Livingston and Life Coach Scott Hay.

SHINE in a nutshell are workshops where young people are nurtured in a safe environment to build their self confidence, raise their aspirations and develop life skills that they can use across the board of their lives. This is achieved through a mixture of drama workshops with life coaching.

We have now run two LGBT focused SHINE courses with Scott, both of which were truly special projects. The young people involved really bonded and became a support network for one another. At the end of the first series they had created a Sharing of spoken word pieces using colours of the rainbow as stimulus, and for the second series of workshops the Toonspeak studio was turned in a pop up exhibition.

LGBT Youth Scotland have come on board to refer some of their young people, a fantastic organisation who help so many young people in need.

If you or a young person you know would like to sign up, or even just find out more you can call us (0141) 552 0234 or email

The sessions will run from October 12th until December 14th // 6pm – 8pm // Venue tbc

All of our sessions at Toonspeak are free, and there are taxis available for this project.

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