Sonnet Youth² are events run by Toonspeak in collaboration with Sonnet Youth which feature our young writers group Word of Mouth sharing the stage with professional spoken word acts curated by Sonnet Youth. This is hosted at Stereo Cafe Bar, such a fantastic space to show off this young talent, and great to work with.

Another young talent who featured at April’s event, of which you can see the trailer below is Debs Liley.

Debs, who used to be part of Word of Mouth before she moved away offered to come down and film the event for us, and made us this wonderful trailer. For anyone who has been to these events, it totally encapsulates the energy, talent and joy that everyone who attends feels. There is an in-joke about the drum stick falling that made me laugh out loud when saw it Josephine Sillars.

In order of appearance:

Our hosts Sonnet Youth Cat Hepburn & Kevin P. Gilday, Mark McGhee, Connor Matheson (first ever performance), Ellen Renton, Stuart Kennedy, Moki Graham, Toonspeak General Manager Alan Govan, Kevin P. Gilday (host piece), Josephine Sillars & Stephanie Love.


Look out for more Word of Mouth workshops this Autumn!