Toonspeak Partnership Development Day was a fantastic success!

We had an amazing array of people join us everywhere from social workers to freelance artists, young people to CEOs and Artistic Directors, from board members to arts professionals and more.

The whole day was centred on reflection and development, for us to show who we are now, where we are going in the future and to faciliate an event where brand new partnerships could begin.

With support from Creative Scotland, we spent the afternoon using the toolkit designed by ArtWorks Scotland: “Is This The Best It Can Be?” having shared an overview of our current and recent work in the morning. We invited past, present and potential partners to provide their ideas and insight.

I say it was a fantastic success not based on any particular outcomes, though these are important, it was a success because of the energy in the room. To quote old Frank Sinatra (as cheesy as that is), we did it our way. We had a hang drum player to set the tone, we had young people performing, talks from various members of the team and people we work with, a couple of fun games, a gorgeous lunch, loads of laughter and even a few tears.

It was lovely to see everyone working together throughout the whole day and all the new connections being made.

Take a look for yourself.

It truly was a day of connection, collaboration and inspiration across the board.

So what’s next? If anyone is interested in partnering with Toonspeak or learning more about the toolkit please get in touch via the contact methods below.

We would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came along, to Kevin Main for the photos, to the Tron Theatre for being such a fab venue and for being so helpful, to Alan our General Manager for all the hard work he put into planning this event, to GEMAP for the collaboration with this event.

To all our speakers and performers Rachel Aisling Smith, Jasmine Main, Libby McArthur, Brian Togher (GEMAP), Stuart Kennedy, Stephanie Love and hang drum player Dave.

And of course to our funders Creative Scotland.

If you would like to get in touch you can use any of the following

Call (0141) 552 0234 // email // Add ‘Paula Erin Morgan’ our comms page on Facebook.

We’d love to hear your comments, if you’d like to pop one in the box below.

  • Molly Goyer Gorman

    Sounds like a fantastic event. A great way of reflecting on Toonspeak’s work and opening it up to new people and ventures. Will definitely be drawing on this event concept & the toolkit in my own ventures post-PhD (9 months to go!)