Toonspeak’s project SHINE, recently featured on Red Nose Day is starting back next! We have two courses, each for different ages and we have spaces available for both. Want to learn a bit more to decide if it’s right for you?

What is SHINE and Who is it For?

SHINE is a 10 week course of weekly workshops which are a mix of Theatre and Life Coaching.

What the heck is Life Coaching? It’s a way of seeing yourself and what you want out of life… then figuring out what you need to do to get it.

You can do this without fear at SHINE because it’s all blended with role-play, fun games and ways to express yourself without feeling scared.

It is perfect if you are looking to build your self-confidence, meet like minded young people and make positive steps towards your future.

It is different from our other projects, we would encourage any young people who are feeling low, or feeling like they need to work things out to sign up. If you are completely new or have been to Toonspeak for a while that doesn’t matter you are welcome here.

When is it on?

For age 14+

Tuesdays 6pm – 8pm April 18th –  20th June

For age 11-13

Wednesdays 4.30pm – 6pm April 19th – 21st June

Where is it?

Toonspeak Studio, 221 Millburn Street, Royston G21 2HL

How much does it cost?


Is there transport?

We offer taxis to all young people who would like to come to SHINE. We can pick you up from your house and drop you home again after.

How do the young people feel about it? Hear from a previous participant:

“I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Toonspeak’s SHINE project. Part of SHINE was to say to the group where we wanted to be and if I remember correctly I’ve met most of those goals and I owe so much of that to Toonspeak, the young folk I’ve had the utmost pleasure working with and of course the wonderful people Toonspeak bring in.”

How do I sign up?

You ca sign up via phone (0141) 552 0234, email, or Facebook message ‘Paula Toonspeak’