We did it! A fun, funny, engaging show about financial capabilities written by this talented bunch plus a few others that toured around 8 schools over the course of a week this March.

I don’t think anyone realised what they were in for when this lot got their heads together though. From talking potato smileys, throwing coloured tennis balls at the audience, Callum’s rap and even a guest appearance from Andy Murray! And with some great advice about managing your money. It was absolutely brilliant, perfectly written for student audiences and brought up some really challenging issues.

Go on, give the trailer a wee watch, and if you’re more intrigued the full show is below.

So what’s all this actually about?

Toonspeak teamed up with GEMAP to support the creation of a new piece of educational theatre on the subject of money and financial capability.

Why GEMAP? They are an amazing social enterprise working from Easterhouse offering financial inclusion and money advice services with a fantastic team who go out to schools and teach young people about finance.

Earlier this year the cast was assembled to work with Steven Leach to devise the show. The first port of call was to take part in a weekend of workshops led by GEMAP to frame their own understanding.

After this they were all off to Cove Park along with our very own Rachel as Assistant Director, visited by Production Manager Jools Walls and Sound Designer Guy Veale. This was an intense week of working together, cooking together and getting to know one another. They had an absolute blast and worked super hard.

Post show workshops were facilitated by Emma Ritchie from GEMAP and Libby McArthur for students to discuss the issues raised, the show being a fantastic vehicle to raise awareness of key issues that face young people regarding money having been devised by young people themselves.

Toonspeak would like to say a massive thanks to the team at GEMAP for collaborating with us and for all their hard work  Brian Togher, Scott Leonard, Justina Čepauskytė and Emma Ritchie (mentioned above).

One of the most amazing things about this project was that we were able to pay the young people involved a fee, an aspiration of Toonspeak’s and very well deserved. A massive thank you to our funders who made the show possible.

The Money Saving Expert Charity

The MacRobert Trust

The Educational Institute of Scotland


So who made the show?


Callum Bell

Chloe Davidson

Jasmine Main

Jennifer Ann Watt

Shelby Johnston

Stephanie Love

Stuart Kennedy

Director: Steven Leach

Assistant Director: Rachel Aisling Smith

Production Manager: Jools Walls

Sound Designer: Guy Veale

Scenic Artist: James Browning

Facilitator: Libby McArthur

Filmmaker: Daryl Cockbrun


‘SKINT’ was written and devised by

Steven Leach, The Cast, Aodhàn Collins & David McMahon

Thank you to all the schools who hosted performances

All Saints Secondary, Whitehill Secondary, St. Andrew’s RC Secondary School, Lochend Community High School, Springburn Academy, John Paul Academy

Team. And to St. Paul’s Church, Provanmill for rehearsal space and Cove Park for hosting our residential.


And finally a massive thanks to the whole team and cast for making this come to life, you are all amazing!

And now time for the full show!