We did it! Spring Show 2017! Your Turn!

With a massive cast of 51 young people from across Glasgow, aged between 8-21 years old, under the fabulous direction of Hannah McLean and our amazing team of theatre artists Sarah Bradley, Julie O’Leary, Caroline James, Jasmine Main, Cat Hepburn and Sarah McGavin. Together they created a brand new ceilidh event as never seen before!

Since January 4 different groups across the North East and North West of Glasgow have been working on songs, dances, text and rants for the soap box individually. It has been great to see what each group has developed, and amazing to see how far everyone has come. Especially during show week when we pulled everything and everyone together to finalise the show. We are so proud of how hard everyone worked and the way that everyone got along. So many new bonds and friendships, it was beautiful to see. Here they are rehearsing together.

The final event featured ceilidh dances fusing the likes of Basement Jaxx with some completely original moves. We were super chuffed to have original arrangements and live music from Gregg Muir, Katie Rush and Finn LeMarinel.

There were also scenes from ‘Decky Does A Bronco’, Scottish poet Joe Corrie’s ‘I am the Common Man’ was performed, there was a soapbox section with placards with everything ranging from the young people’s hatred of slow broadband, love of the theatre and fear of bullying. It was a brilliangt concept thanks to Hannah, it gave everyone the opportunity to shine.

As you can see it was a magical night, so colourful, playful, profound, uplifting, just so good.

Thanks to Arlene Fiddes for bringing Hannah’s tartan fusion costume ideas to life, to Jools and Jimbo for working their magic again in sound, lighting and production, to our Erin Todd for being supremo logistics legend, to SJ Herbertson, Marie Hnat and Sarah McGavin for being epic volunteers.

We had an audience of 175 so thank you to everyone who came along and also to everyone who donated.

Next show we are at the Tron! So keep your eyes peeled for updates about how to get involved.

If you’d like to get in touch with us you can

Call (0141) 552 0234 // email info@toonspeak.co.uk // Message ‘Paula Toonspeak’ on Facebook