Toonspeak are making a show working with all 4 weekly workshops for the first time since ‘Just For One Day’ back in 2013!

We have a cast of over 60 young people signed up who are all meeting this week for the very first time. 

So what’s the show about?

It’s YOUR TURN… your turn to create a brand new piece of theatre, inspired by some of Scotland’s greatest artists, which will re-claim the traditional Scottish ceilidh and turn it into a night to remember! Ceilidhs weren’t always just Scottish Country Dancing… they were events where the community came together to laugh, cry, share stories, sing, and put the world to rights.

And what about our Director, Hannah McLean

I have been making theatre with young people for nearly fifteen years. I like to mix-in a bit of visual art, dance, contemporary movement and singing when I can too. I studied Community Arts and then Theatre Practices at uni, so I have a wealth of ideas and experience to throw in the pot. What inspires me most though is the ideas that the young people I am working with bring to each and every project. Doing a project and performance with me will involve high energy levels, having a good time but also the aim is to make the performers and audience think about who they are, their community and what they want from life.

Also working on the show we are proud to announce we have Julie O’ Leary, Caroline James, Sarah Bradley, Cat Hepburn & Jasmine Main. Theatre artists who all bring unique qualities and expertise, what a cracking team!

All there is left to say is thanks to all the young people for signing up, the team are super excited to meet you, and we’ll be announcing performance dates later in the week.

Cannae wait!