Blog by Marie Hnatova

The last workshop with Libby was just amazing! Even though there were many of us, the session was very inspiring and everyone learned a lot of new skills. Such new abilities will be more than useful for the upcoming Christmas Cabaret showcase!

Libby was talking about personal and social labels and how we should grab them and turn them into our advantages. We tried “labelling” by ourselves – by performing various stereotypical situations which other had to observe and guess. It was very interesting to see how well we all understood people’s facial expressions and behaviour and how we could match it easily with a meaning. Libby also showed us how to improvise and develop a story. We played a game “Fortunately, unfortunately” which was hilarious as we managed to create a fantastic story about an Astronaut with magical powers. With Buddha, babies and elephant included – we had a great laugh.


To conclude, it was a really successful night and we were all very excited about it.

Toonspeak would like to thank Libby for doing all these awe-inspiring workshops for our young people. We are very grateful and we cannot wait to invite her again!