By 87 Miles Participant, Shona Stout

Day 1: It was an early rise for us ‘Toonies’ to leave for Stranraer on the bus. The bus trip was tiring, but our energy came back once rehearsals started. We read through our scripts and then started to position the play on stage.

Day 2: To-day I realised how much hard work stage acting is: learning lines, knowing where to stand on stage, acting and changing costumes.

Day 3: The nerves are kicking in!

Day 4: To-day was a tough day of rehearsals. We tried the lines without the script then went over our lines a lot to make sure we knew them.

Day 5: We had costume rehearsals and technical rehearsals from 9am to 8pm. We usually work 9am – roughly 5pm but to-day was a long day as we prepare for the performance tomorrow.

Day 6: The show was tonight. We were all a bit nervous but I kept my cool. One of the scenes I was in got changed a little this morning and I had to remember those changes, but on the night I got it right. I remembered my lines, my roles of when to go on stage and off and even a tricky piece of acting. The show was a hit! I was nervous to look at the audience so I stayed focused on my scenes but soon after I heard the audience laughing and I felt more relaxed. We all did well and are proud of our work. We had a reception after the show where we got to find out what the audience thought and say thank-you to our staff who helped put the show together, and that was a wrap folks!

Day 7 – We had to go back home to Glasgow. A few of us didn’t want to leave Stranraer. I knew I did, but the project has been a great experience for me and we worked with such great people. We all got on well with the Ryan Youth Theatre folks. It was a great week and I learned a lot about myself. On the way to the after-show reception, I heard an audience member say: “make way, here’s one of the stars.” I felt such honour that night to perform and finish the project with everyone.