“You don’t sing a song so someone’s going to hear; you sing a song because you have a song to sing” – Libby McArthur

What do you want from life? That was the big question on everyone’s mind at Toonspeak Tuesday on June 17th – and the question was asked by none other than Libby McArthur and Mark MacNicol who popped in to talk about their new Edinburgh Fringe show, 3000 TreesIMG_1601small

From Castlemilk and Possil, Libby and Mark were keen to make sure that the young people in this area know that their creative goals are achievable. Mark explained how taking 3000 Trees to the Fringe was made achievable through crowd-source funding.


The two hour session was jam packed with laughter and great advice. The group of 10 young people each explained to Libby how long they’d been involved in Toonspeak, what they were proud of achieving so far and what they wanted from life. Some of the young people were proud of gaining confidence, performing in shows and achieving Arts Award qualifications. From life, the young people wanted to be actors, to write, to be story-tellers and to make music. IMG_1595small

Inspiration lit up in everyone’s eyes as Libby shared stories and advice with each young person. The tips the group walked away with included an explanation about the creative process and not to focus on the ‘inner chat’ that might doubt yourself, to follow your passions, to embrace the feeling of nerves and that you have a duty to yourself as well as your audience. IMG_1603small

To finish off the session, Libby taught the group a new game called Fortunately/Unfortunately which lead to stories of deer-riding, new doors, hurricanes and ninja schools.

We’d like to thank Libby and Mark for coming in to chat with us as well as for the free tickets to go see 3000 Trees at the Fringe in August.

“Impress yourself first, then impress everyone else.” – Libby McArthur