By 87 Miles participant, Shona Stout

On Monday 14th April I was all set and ready for the journey to Stranraer. I had to wait for my taxi to take me to Toonspeak’s office where we all met up for the mini bus. But my journey really began with accidentally getting squished behind the door.

We all got on the bus with our bags and headed off for our 2 hour bus ride to Stranraer. We soon reached Stranraer and the sunny weather made it a great place to be. We left our bags at the hotel and set off to the Ryan Centre to meet up with the Ryan Youth Theatre participants.

We began our work with sets of games to learn each other’s names and did some improvisation on the production we are working on.

On Tuesday morning I got up early to check if the breakfast was ready and I accidentally locked myself out of the hotel! Well, we all have to have some funny moments in life. We then saw some of the amazing work by the Ryan Youth Theatre participants. We also worked on a characters for the production and were deciding whether we needed them or if they should have different personalities.

Wednesday was our last day to work with the Ryan Youth Theatre participants. It was great working with them and I appreciate them giving us a tour around Stranraer.

Our show will be performed Saturday the 12th July in Stranraer. So come along for an interesting and intriguing show! I’m not going to spoil our work by telling too much about our show – it’s all secret work with us 87 Miles project teams. You don’t wanna miss a thing!