The Silver Arts Award course is in full swing and the group is looking forward to many more fun activities!

So far they have diversified their arts practice by participating in new types of theatre. Last week they tried Forum Theatre where the actors need to have good improv skills since audience members can stop the action and give alternative suggestions to the story-line.

SAA blog 2.14

Right now Jamie, Chantelle, Connor and Shelby are focusing on Arts Leadership. Over the next couple months they will each create and lead a mini-project in the art form of their choosing. For example, Chantelle will be leading a songwriting workshop on February 10th and 11th and her group will share the songs they write with the Toonspeak Tuesday group.

February is looking to be an exciting month as the group delve into Arts Review. They’ll be reviewing shows, festivals and events such as The Manipulate Festival, the Pitch Event, and all-male version of Swan Lake, South Cumburgh Green and the Scottish Dance Theatre.

With so much enthusiasm and dedication, we’re confident this group can achieve the first ever Silver Arts Award in Scotland by the end of the summer!