By Nicole Flynn, Toonspeak Tuesday participant

I chose to go to Toonspeak Tuesday’s on February 4th because photography has been a great hobby of mine recently and if I’m honest I’ve always quite fancied modelling myself!

When I first arrived, Eoin Carey, the photographer, was outside in his yellow jumper and red jeans and right away you could tell he was a guy with vision and creativity. When everyone had arrived, he started talking about cameras and his ideas and concepts. It was really interesting to hear his take on Glasgow and how he wanted to change stereotypes. I think his overall idea was great.Eoin and camera

We got to have a look at the camera he was going to use and because it was a really old-fashioned one, we got to have a look at all the parts and passed around one of the pictures that didn’t work out. He explained the process of taking photos with the camera and how it worked. Once he had got all the theory and learning stuff out the way, he pulled out his big bag of colourful Hawaiian shirts and it got really exciting.everyone in shirts

It was great fun trying different shirts on and getting to mess around while he set up outside.
It was great fun trying different shirts on and getting to mess around while he set up outside.

The actual shoot took place in front of a big dustbin round the back of the Millburn Centre. It took a while to get the photo and we were all freezing but it was such a new experience. I absolutely loved it!

the whole scene
Eoin had lights set up and his cameras ready and all his lovely models hanging around the bin.

He had such passion for photography and it was great seeing it travel through the group, including myself! I really enjoyed having a specialist come in and talk about their place in the arts and their journey as it’s so inspiring and can help give others ideas. I’d love to see something like that happen again at Toonspeak Tuesday.

final shot
Thanks a lot to Eoin and Toonspeak for the opportunity!