By Kevin Main, 87 Miles participant

I recently visited the wonderful place of Stranraer as part of the 87 Miles project with Toonspeak. I was nervous at first as I didn’t really know what to expect and, as I don’t travel outside Glasgow a lot, the long drive to an unknown place was slightly nerve racking.

Those nerves were soon gone once we got into the countryside with its beautiful landscape and lovely ocean views. I was even more relaxed once we arrived as the location brought back memories of my primary school and then I got to meet the people from Ryan Youth Theatre. There was the usual silence you get when meeting new people but once the games got started everyone was comfortable.

Getting to know everyone - photo by Kevin Main
Getting to know everyone – photo by Kevin Main

We engaged in a variety of fun games and writing tasks that I thoroughly enjoyed. My favourite was when Callum, one of the youth theatre participants, and I walked outside and used what we saw to write a concept for a story. I really enjoyed meeting all of them and they were all easy to talk to. I also really enjoyed getting feedback on my script I’m working on. The feedback provided was helpful and will benefit my script development.

Taking part in fun writing tasks! - photo by Kevin Main
Taking part in fun writing tasks! – photo by Kevin Main

87 miles has done so much for me so far and the best part is it’s only begun. There is so much more to come from enhancing my script, to hearing the written work of others progressing and most of all just having fun. Because that’s what 87 miles is for me, a place to not only enhance my writing skills but to have fun doing it.

Watch a read-through of Kevin’s script: