By Chloe Davidson, 87 Miles participant

No-one understands how happy I am to finally feel accepted. I was so worried I’d be outcast since I’m so socially inept but I was welcomed with open arms – just like Toonspeak’s other projects. It’s so full of joy and amusement, we even invented a “writer’s applause” – tapping our pens on their lids in a sign of encouragement and a silent “That was some great writing you’ve done there.”

I feel that everyone’s skills have developed over the month – whether it’s understanding and reading from scripts or creating a small scene in the form of a play. Even though we’re excited to work with Jo Clifford, we’ll miss Gary McNair. Garry is an inspiration, has a great sense of humour and has a way with words that makes you feel like the most important person there.

However, I don’t feel like I’ve fully proven myself yet. Maybe a couple of months of therapeutic reading and inventing will sort that out. I’ve become more confident with my writing though – I’ve even allowed some close friends to read some of my short stories. I might have scared a few people away with my macabre imagination and dark humour, but that’s what sets me apart from the crowd. Look out Stephen King, I’ve got high expectations.

I’m not too sure what the future will hold for 87 Miles, but I bet it’s going to be brilliant. I’m impatiently anticipating working with the group from Stranraer and especially our Summer show in 2014. Here’s to a year of creativity, uniqueness and joy.